Currently based in Sri Lanka, I organise and host lifestyle retreats for individuals, couples and small groups. A one of a kind retreat that helps you manage stress, develop your innate strength and connect you with your being. Learning to care for mind and body is the foundation. 

Modern life has disabled the mind; learn to enable the mind

Do more for your body than working it out; empower your body.

You can’t change the flow of life; accept and embrace life.

My retreats aim to get you out of your comfort zone, enhance the connection between mind and body and get you inspired. I will equip you with the tools and skills necessary for you to take home to practice. When you get home, follow up and accountability sessions will be conducted online.

The fundamental activities of the retreat are:

Anapana meditation

Anapana is the first step in the practice to Vipassana meditation. Anapana means observation of natural, normal respiration, as it comes in and as it goes out. It is an easy to learn, objective and scientific technique that helps develop concentration of the mind. 


The practice of yoga is meant to energise and strengthen the body from inside out. Asana poses contributes to the health of your organs, ligaments and tendons. Pranayama, learning how to control your life force, your breath. Improving the capacity and efficacy of your lungs. Breath is life after all.


Surfing is the ultimate water sport that will force you to be in the moment and make you reconsider the way you live your life. For those who do not swim or have a fear of water, swimming lessons and water therapy will replace surfing. Studies have shown that spending time with bodies of water is healing. And most effective of all the elements of nature. Being with water is an essential part of the retreat.


One on one and couple retreats will be specially designed to fit specific requirements.

Group retreats are tailor made with workshops surrounding elements of healing and understanding mind and body.

I am open to collaboration with specialised healers and therapists.