It has been said, “To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”. 

Yoga is the science of mind and body connection. Yoga asana is the physical practice of the body, keeping it strong and nimble. Asana practice can help soothe and stimulate the nervous system. Asana practice is meant to be healing for the body, not straining.

I have never hurt myself in asana practice. My practice has always been about helping the body be strong, efficient and optimising its innate ability to function. Not about getting into fancy poses. Coming from a background of high performance and joint injuries, I tend to focus on foundation and alignment.

Pranayama is the cultivation of breath, improving capacity and efficacy of the lungs by exercising the diaphragm. At the same time, pranayama directly influences the nervous system. The breath is the most vital process of the body and yet most people breathe incorrectly, depriving the body of vital oxygen. Irregular breathing disrupts the rhythms of the brain, leading to physical and emotional blocks.

After gaining so many benefits from a yoga practice, it was a natural progression that I wanted to learn more and share it. In 2017, I went to India for a month and completed a Diploma in Yoga Teacher Training in Hatha Yoga at the highly acclaimed Yoga Vidya Gurukul.

I teach static hatha, dynamic vinyasa and restorative yin. And basic pranayama.