Massage has always been considered as a luxury to pamper oneself. Something we only do when on holiday. Its real purpose and potential totally misunderstood and underestimated. I had been going for massages since my early adult life and wasn’t any wiser.

When I started wakeboarding and experiencing severe back and neck pain, I went in search for a masseuse that could help. The boyfriend’s sister, who learnt traditional massage from her midwife mother, came to the rescue. It was a massage I will never forget as it was THE massage that made me realise the true healing powers of massage therapy. With her regular massages, my body not only stopped being in pain but became stronger. Having said that, as with all healing therapies, it is not so much about the therapy than it is the therapist.

In my opinion, massage therapy should form the base of any healing regime. The body stores trauma and blockages form with unhealthy daily habits. The body needs help to release it all.

Having the privilege to learn a skill passed down from generations, I took the opportunity to learn traditional massage. Many years ago, a friend told me, before he passed on, that I should do something with my hands. This is my dedication to him.

I am certified in relaxing holistic massage and skilled in deep tissue Malay traditional massage.