• Thriving happens when
    You help the body to heal
  • Healing begins when
    Mind and body unite

Welcome to MindBodyUnite

Enable the mind. Empower the Body. Embrace Life.

MindBodyUnite was conceived by Melanie Tan, SEA Games Silver medallist (Team Wakeboard). Lifestyle Coach. Yoga asana teacher. Massage therapist.

Drawing from the lessons of my life experience, I help individuals heal and breakthrough from what is holding them back to realise their true potential. Instead of just surviving, they can start thriving. This is done by helping them understand and care for the mind and body; for without them, nothing else matters.

I collaborate with tried and tested therapists and service providers, some who have helped me along my own journey of healing and then thriving.

Because we should never have to go through life’s journey alone, I organise and host retreats to bring like minded individuals together to connect, heal and grow with each other.


Knowledge is not wisdom. We gain knowledge from outside, we gain wisdom from within. Realise your true nature and you will know your purpose. The journey within is essential to healing, personal growth and thriving. Learning to see things as they are will help you break free from the limitations you set yourself. 

Melanie Jane Tan