Get knowledge of the spine, for this is the requisite for many diseases – Hippocrates

About 3 years into wakeboarding, my wakeboarding coach advised me that I should start getting Chiropractic care. Advice I did not heed as I had started practicing yoga and thought that that would be sufficient. It wasn’t.

The first time I met a Chiropractor was when I joined a business networking group. She was in the same group as I was so I saw her regularly. Chiropractors are spine specialists. Through our conversations, I started to learn the importance of spinal health. At the same time, my regular sports masseuse had been going for Chinese Chiropractic courses in China and when she came back, she would adjust me. She would tell me that I have one leg long and one leg short, which in turn caused tension in my lower back. I was then curious to know more about this Chiropractic treatment.

The Neck Situation

The assessment during my first appointment with the Chiropractor showed that I was not standing straight, my head was tilting forward on my neck, causing strain on my neck actually. I was encouraged to go for an x ray to check the health of my neck. As it turns out, my neck is very straight when it should be curved. And my bones were starting to show signs of degeneration already. Spurs can be seen on a couple of the vertebrae. This is most likely from the years of whiplash and not seeking proper treatment.

Interestingly enough, my sports masseuse said that she could feel that my neck was very straight. The Chiropractor recommended I get something called a Denneroll – A hard sponge like device to lie on to stretch my neck. I went only couple more times to see the Chiropractor then stopped. I did not see any value add as my sports masseuse could do what she was doing.

Being an advocate

It was not until I met Dr Gary that I became an advocate of Chiropractic Care. Dr Gary’s experience, knowledge and skillful application has helped me change my mindset that I shouldn’t look at simply maintaining the condition of my body but I should look at getting it stronger. While I knew it was possible, I didn’t know how big a part Chiropractic care could play.

Because of him, I gained a new perspective and was motivated to include Chiropractic care into my self care regime. Dr Gary highlighted to me the importance and urgency of the state of my neck…”What would it take for you to stretch your neck everyday?” he asked. I am guaranteed pain and stiffness in the neck as I age if I don’t.

Chiropractic care is based on the fundamentals that the human body can heal itself. The job of the Chiropractor is to remove any obstruction at a cellular level that would prevent the body from healing. Every time an adjustment is made, signals are being established between the body and brain, improving the efficiency and ability of the body. These signals can be stimulating/strengthening existing pathways that are a bit dusty. Or it could be stimulating and creating new neural pathways to create a new, more effective way of doing what needs to be done.

The Dr Gary Experience

The first time Dr Gary adjusted me was such an experience, very different from the other Chiropractor.

He has what I like to call, a magic trick. This magic trick that he does is his way of assessing which part of the spine is misaligned. One moment I have no power in my legs and the next I do! Very cool. He doesn’t just adjust everything, he adjusts what needs adjusting.  He tends to look at the structure of the whole body.

That night, as I laid flat on my back as I usually do to go to sleep, I felt vibrations running through my body. Because I meditate, I guess I am that much more sensitive to the sensations on and in my body. I could feel like this free flow of energy within and there was more space between my joints and bones. I completely melted into the mattress. ‘This is very interesting’, I thought as I drifted off to a deep slumber.

Consistent Chiropractic care has meant that my body has become more adaptable. My body doesn’t ache as much. I don’t feel like I need to crack or twist my back to loosen up my lower back anymore and most importantly, I am wakeboarding better… I can feel my body better.

Get to know who Dr Gary is here

Make Your Spine a Priority

Our spine is literally what holds us up with all the nerves passing through it. By restoring and maintaining the mobility of our spine, pain and muscle tightness are alleviated, allowing tissues to heal. That means we get stronger and feel less pain. 

If you frequently experience pain (headaches, neck and back pain), you may want to check the health of your spine.

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