Are you considering a diet? Do you know that diets don’t work long term? And it’s the long term you’re after, yes? You can ask google ‘do diets work?’ and you will get a whole host of results telling you why they don’t. You see, it’s not about dieting but your diet as a whole… it’s about your lifestyle. What kind of lifestyle do you live?

How many of you don’t like or even hate your bodies? Well, no wonder you look the way you do then, isn’t it? Where does doing anything out of hate get you? If you exercise because you don’t like how you look, you will NEVER be satisfied with how you look. Exercising will always be a chore. Doing things begrudgingly never produces results that last. Is exercise woven into your life? Or do you have to make the time for it? What kind of habits do you have?

Knowing Yourself

How about doing things out of love? To start with, do you ever look at yourself in the mirror, naked? Don’t have a full length mirror? Invest in one. Looking in the mirror naked is an exercise in spending some time with yourself, getting to know yourself, without the pretenses. Seeing your own reflection may be tough for some but hey, you will need to face yourself some time…

Better now in front of the mirror than on your death bed recounting the could’ves, would’ves, should’ves. Do you not care about yourself to see how you are doing? If you are unhealthy, how do you expect to teach your children what is healthy? Try to be with yourself, naked, in front of the mirror, without judgement but with love. Your body is all you have really.

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