If you are reading this now, then like me, you have chosen Life. And since you have chosen Life, why not Live well? I am talking about the most basic of basics… the performance of your body, together with your mind to function without problems, on a daily basis.

Self Doubt Due to Age

I hear it all the time, ‘old already’ or ‘getting old’… I scoff at these statements! Because they are so limiting. Why would you want to limit yourself? I have banned these phrases from my home. I had fallen prey to such thinking when I started wakeboarding. Competing with other girls half my age made my mind full of negative thoughts. I used to doubt my physical abilities, wondering if I could handle the crashes… and thinking it is easier for them because they are younger. Oh, the self sabotage! And all because I kept thinking of my age.
Over time, listening to what others have to say, it is very clear to me that many of us use age as a benchmark for how we should live our lives. I guess it is just how society is. There are always expectations. Definitely age related expectations too. We need to do this, that or the other by this age or that. We even have a guideline as to when we should stop working.

The Ageing Process

The city life is very age/time centric – there is a shelf life for just about everything. And this affects us sub consciously. Maintaining youth has become an obsession. Plastic surgery and botox have become the norm. But nobody escapes ageing. Ageing is a natural process. We exist only to deteriorate and then die. This is the way of the world. If we can accept this, the battle is half won.
If you can accept that ageing is part of life, then you will see that there is no such thing as anti ageing. This term, ‘anti ageing’ has been developed for marketing purpose. To sell products to people who think they are old. I got news for you buddy… There is no way to stop the ageing process. You can slow down the process but you cannot stop it or reverse it.

An AGEless Mindset

And how do you slow down the ageing process? How apt that the current discoveries in life and medical science point to something with the 3 letter acronym: A.G.Es otherwise known as Advanced Glycation End products. These toxic compounds have been found to be the cause of accelerated ageing. Look out for it folks… cosmetics giants have already caught on and have developed products to help fight A.G.Es. It has been touted as the most significant breakthrough in skin care since the discovery of retinol.

Why is the science of A.G.Es the one to be followed? Because it is the ROOT CAUSE. High levels in our body leads to a whole host of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, alzheimer’s, cancer, inflammation… all the diseases that are on the rise today. It is today’s health marker. Just as you can measure your cholesterol and BMI, you can also measure and manage A.G.Es.

Managing your A.G.Es is very much about empowering your body and lifestyle.
Being AGEless is about embracing life and understanding the need for balance in our lives. It is about being responsible by managing our habits and empowering our human bodies.

Being AGEless is now the new standard for living well.

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