I am so proud of the boyfriend. He took part in a race called The Criterium over the weekend. Though he did not win, he came in the top ten. He was awarded a prize and given the title ‘First Veteran Rider to Complete’. This year has seen him taking part in several competitions for fixed gear cyclists. At 42 years old, he is usually the oldest in this young and trendy scene. He hasn’t garnered a win but he is always able to stay with the pack and come in top ten at least. He is racing with the young’ins after all.

Age is just a Number

His age is always a surprise to the other competitors because he gives them a run for their money. I am truly blessed to have him as my partner for he is my greatest inspiration. Together, we are focused on feeling and living younger and debunking the myth of ageing. In my life, he is a perfect example of how age is really just a number. His greatest lessons for me are love, peace and discipline.

Understanding Love

I was at the Prudential office one day when a man struck up a conversation with me about my tattoos. We talked for sometime, the conversation leading to one thing and then another. He asked me if I was married. I said I had a long term boyfriend. He asked me what my boyfriend did to which I replied, bicycle messenger. His response was, why don’t you ask him to get a better job? haha. Better to him meant a job that makes more money. On a similar note, a friend said to me once, why don’t you find someone who doesn’t have to work two jobs? I didn’t respond to either because if they have to ask, means they don’t understand love.

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