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Wakeboarding Saved My Life. What saved yours?

I felt it the moment he said, ‘Wow! Sounds like wakeboarding saved your life.’ I had ne

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Youth – A poem

Maintaining youth should be the obsession, not maintaining a youthful appearance. Nowadays,

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Be AGEless. All Day Everyday!

If you are reading this now, then like me, you have chosen Life. And since you have chosen Lif

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Is it time to start a diet?

Are you considering a diet? Do you know that diets don't work long term? And it's the long ter

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7 Reasons Skipping Is The New Running

Skipping is the new black. Forget about running. People are dropping dead while running. Runni

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Addiction & Self Worth

Addiction is a topic very close to my heart.   I wrote this piece shortly after my 37

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