How to Unite Mind and Body?

Gerupuk, Lombok
The ultimate retreat that will get you revitalized and inspired. Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to enhance the awareness between the mind and body. Take the first step to elevating the quality of your life and living the life of your dreams.


Enable the Mind. Empower the Body. Embrace Life.

A one of a kind retreat that helps you manage stress, develop your innate strength and connect you with your being


Your body is amazing. Learn how to keep it optimal.


You have all the answers. Learn how to access the treasure trove within.


You are what you eat. Learn what it means to truly eat healthy.
About Us

How it all started.

For most of her life, Melanie felt broken. Having been through sexual, physical and emotional abuse, she lived a life of addiction and depression going in circles.

Then she started wakeboarding. Her brokenness manifested in physical injuries. As she continued wakeboarding, she learnt about healing and the gifts of life started to flow to her. And to share the gifts, she started this retreat.

Mind Body Unite








Highlights from the last retreat

We had some awesome people who came out last time. Everyone had an amazing experience and each person seemed to have their own unique takeaway.
The Experience

Margarita | Regional Marketing Manager

Since I have participated in the retreat I have become a lot more self aware. I realised the importance to focus not only on the physical health but also on the mental health. I learned where to slow down and where to push harder listening to my body. I have stopped overworking – I started to take more breaks, allow my body to rest more when it really needs it. I am now more aware of the food that I am eating and in general I took control over what I am doing rather than relying on the flow. I still have a Long way to go to reach mental self awareness, but I started to practice breathing exercises to restore balance or calm down.
The Experience

Momo | Quantum Physicist

I had the pleasure to participate in the very first retreat organized by Melanie and Dr Gary. Since I came back from it, I became more aware of what I ate, how my body felt, and where I used my energy. My overall wellbeing has improved. I also learnt a few new things about nutrition from Vivien, and picked up a new sport – surfing.
The Experience

Name | Title

We had some awesome people who came out last time. Everyone had an amazing experience and each person seemed to have their own unique takeaway.
Our education system does not teach us to care about ourselves. When that is really what is most important. Instead, we harshly criticise ourselves.

Something magical happens when we become kind to ourselves, care for ourselves and love ourselves. And sharing these magical moments gives them more meaning.

This retreat is in a way my celebration. Join me in the celebration and I hope you discover your magic, your meaning and your dreams.

Melanie tan, HOST

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