Here’s what schools never teach us …

Have you seen the video on “Cash Flow Quadrant” by Robert Kiyosaki?

The first time I saw this video, it was a real wake-up call!

I thought to myself: after spending more than 10 years of my life in school, all I am taught is to get a job and work for the rest of my life!

Schools are important for providing academic and professional education. But if we want to become rich and successful, we need financial education; which is never taught in schools!

What else do you remember from the video?

To truly understand Robert’s financial lessons, it’s important that we re-visit the 12-min video. You’re sure to discover even more financial insights:

Once you are done, please share with me your thoughts on this video.

Please start on this lesson today, and I’ll check back with you tomorrow 🙂

To your success,
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